Lawrence Khong
C├ęsar Castellanos
Abraham Ku
Sara Castellanos-Guerra
Wes Richards
Oriel M. Ballano
Lee Seung Bang
Daniel Khong
7.00pm Doors Open
7.45pm Opening Celebration
8.25pm Night Sessions
10.30pm End
Friday | Saturday
8.45am Doors Open
9.30am Morning Sessions
12.30pm Lunch Break
1.45pm Doors Open
2.30pm Afternoon Sessions
4.00pm Break
4.10pm Spotlight: Light in the World (F)
Light in the Household (S)
5.30pm Dinner Break
7.00pm Doors Open
7.45pm Night Sessions
10.30pm End
9.15am Doors Open
10.00am Sunday Service
12.30pm End

Singapore Expo is easily accessible by car and public transport.
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