In 1983, Colombian pastor Cesar Castellanos sought the Lord earnestly about his ministry. God spoke to him that “the church he would shepherd will be as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore.” 

God gave Ps Castellanos a strategy based on Jesus' ministry on earth. "Train twelve people and reproduce in them the character of Christ which is in you. And if everyone of them does the same with another twelve people, and if these, in their turn, do the same with each other, you and your church will experience unprecedented growth." 

Ps Castellanos started the International Charismatic Mission (ICM) in his living room with only eight people. He continued to dream of a big church and relied on the Holy Spirit to bring this dream to reality using the strategy of the Government of 12 (G12). 

Today, ICM has more than 55,000 cells in its Men's, Women's and Youth Networks.